Management Team

Meet the WBTVN Management Team

Our Company was CREATED by WOMEN and our Staff are WOMEN

sheabShea Vaughn, Co-Founder &

Shea Vaughn is the Creator of SheaNetics®; the only values-based doctor-endorsed lifestyle practice (and the mother of actor Vince Vaughn).  Her pioneering work applies wellness principles to drive significant improvements in personal and business well-being and success.  She is a lifestyle innovator whose work has won the endorsement of the City of Chicago and the Department of Public Health.  Shea has trained and consulted with corporate leaders, celebrities, entrepreneurs and athletes around the country, affectionately earning her the title of “America’s Queen of Wellness”.

Ms. Vaughn is the author of the best seller, BREAKTHROUGH – The 5 Living Principles to Defeat Stress, Look Great & Find Total Well-Being and a frequent speaker and contributor to media and TV.  Her philanthropy is reflected in her work as Founder of the Healthy Initiative Foundation and its acclaimed healthy ambassador program, the 90-Day Lifestyle Makeover.

brrendabBrenda-Boykin Stanton, WBTVN International Publicist

Brenda has had a long and illustrious career in marketing,  and sales management. Her clients have included Fortune 500  companies and many C-suite executives across several types of businesses..

She was also national marketing manager for an international sales guru located in Silicon Valley, Ca.  Throughout her career, Brenda has trained multitudes of sales managers and agents in  the US and abroad on her techniques and unique skill set.

Currently, Brenda is Publicist for Jean Oursler and Alden Consulting in New Jersey, and she is International Publicist for WBTVN Women’s Broadcast Television Network in Los Angeles, CA.

_MG_9670Jayne Rios, Co-Founder &

Jayne is a nationally recognized Speaker, Author, Visionary co-Founder and co-CEO of Women’s Broadcast Television Network (WBTVN) and WomanWellness.TV.  Jayne has 30 years experience in television, video and internet marketing.   Her passion is to empower and equip women by helping them realize their untapped potential for creating unlimited income on the internet.  She founded and sold her first company KungFuzos Video years before video was popular and she created an intellectual property eLearning system, proving her ability as  a visionary leader.

Jayne won the Innovative Woman of the Year from Today’s Innovative Woman and the International Collaborator of the Year from the Public Speakers Association.  Her work with ministries globally has opened doors in China, Africa, Middle East and Latin/South America.

For anyone who has a dream of taking their business to the next level, her story will inspire you today to take action and turn your passion into a reality.